Tenipuri Party Q&A

Konomi-sensei talks about the top voted characters 1-100!!
A one question, one answer rally! (100 Q+A!!)
He’ll answer everyone’s questions!

Q1: I’d like to know a story from the Fuji sibling’s childhood! 

A1: Once when they went camping, Yuuta’s sandals fell into the river. Yumiko and Shuusuke jumped in to chase after them, but then Yuuta got scared and fell into the water. They laughed about it together afterward while hanging out in the shallow water.

Q2: From when was Atobe-sama known as king? 

A2: Not long after he was born, he grabbed a king piece off a chess board. From that moment forward, he was king. 

Q3: Did Yukimura not notice that Mouri was the one to put down the sports drink? 

A3: He realized it during the matches against France. Now he’s planning on giving him something in return, but it’s a surprise! 

Q4: Tezuka and Sanada’s grandfathers were coworkers at the police station. Through this, have they known each other since they were little? 

A4: They didn’t know one another personally, but their grandfathers used to show them pictures of one another. When they started playing tennis, they were told, “Don’t you lose to him!” 

Q5: Will Shiraishi be called something interesting now since he has developed Star Bible?

A5: No. That’s what makes him interesting.

Q6: If Ryoma had to, would he join either Momoshiro and Kaidou’s faction, or even Katsuo’s “third force?” 

A6: Ryoma doesn’t belong to anything, lol. 

Q7: Please tell us a secret you know about Niou-kun! 

A7: At the training camp, he would take on a high schooler’s illusion, and gracefully spend time in the Genius 10 exclusive lounge. 

Q8: Please tell me Bunta-kun’s dieting method. I want to diet with him. 

A8: “Tsuge’s Bootcamp,” lol. 

Q9: Who would be stronger if Hiyoshi-kun and Ootori-kun played singles? 

A9: The outcome would change depending on the condition of Ootori-kun’s serve at the time. 

Q10: I heard that when Shishido-san was five, in Okinawa he saved a weakened Ootori-kun from the ocean. Do the both of them know that it was the other?

A10: No, they do not! 

Q11: Inui created a separate notebook for Yanagi – has Yanagi done anything like that? 

A11: There are 142 of “The Secret Scrolls of Inui.” 

Q12: What needs to happen for Oshitari-kun to open his heart to you?

A12: Usually his heart is open. He’s a friendly and attentive man.

Q13: How is Zaizen keeping Kintarou under control since becoming captain? 

A13: He makes good use of social media and texting. He’ll send things like, “If you do something bad, you’ll get cursed chainmail~”, lol. 

Q14: Why did Sanada specifically want the Illusionary 290g Southern Ironware Paperweight Daruma?

A14: He wanted to use it while teaching Yanagi calligraphy, and so they went together to the local area to buy it. But they weren’t able to get it… 

Q15: Speaking of Sakuno-chan’s tennis level, does she have a signature move? 

A15: The back volley that Ryoma taught her. 

Q16: Yuushi-kun and Kenya-kun have matching racquets. Is there a story behind that? 

A16: At that time, they competed with one another to see who could get the super popular racquet first, but they got it at the same time, and eventually called a draw. 

Q17: Will Akaya take after Sanada and lead with an iron fist? 

A17: When it comes to leading their underclassman, Tamagawa will take a soft approach, whereas Akaya will display his true strength in tennis and as a result the club members will follow him. 

Q18: Since Kaidou Kaoru-kun doesn’t do well with monsters and ghosts, is he okay when he goes out running at night? 

A18: On his night runs, if he feels like he’s being chased by a monster he’ll run away to escape them, and won’t break his pace.

Q19: Outside of tennis, what are the recent ways Kikumaru likes to have fun? 

A19: Parkour. He became interested in it after watching a video, and is gradually challenging himself to do it. 

Q20: How did Yagyuu come up with the move and naming for his laser beam? 

A20: The reason behind it was to send a direct shot of his feelings to the upperclassman he had feelings for.

Q21: What is Oishi’s hair like when he goes to sleep and wakes up? 

A21: It’s a bit of a local legend because nobody has ever seen Oishi do those things. It’s probably just that he wakes up before everyone else.

Q22: Does it seem likely that Gakuto will grow in height from here on out? 

A22: I think he will. Every day he drinks a litre of milk, it’s like he’s trying to make himself sick, lol. 

Q23: Do Marui and Kite have a budding friendship since playing doubles? 

A23: Yes. Most recently, when Kite went to Bunta’s house, he brought a gift of gouya from his home, and it was rather unpopular.

Q24: Is Sengoku not able to get a girlfriend? 

A24: He’ll talk to all sorts of girls, but it always ends in friendship instead. Unlucky. 

Q25: Jirou sleeps the majority of the day away. Are his grades okay at school? 

A25: He’s studying by means of hypnopedia, so unexpectedly his school grades are good, lol. Since Atobe also knows this, he forgives Jirou sleeping right up until the start of matches. 

Q26: Looking at Chitose (194cm) and Ochi-senpai (226cm), what have you thought of them? 

A26: Let’s go buy pairs of long, tengu-like geta (40cm)… is what I have thought, lol. 

Q27: Sae-san is called “uselessly handsome,” so does that mean that Shiraishi thinks he’s full of uselessness? 

A27: There’s no uselessness in hot guys! 

Q28: Inui was wearing a good luck bracelet until the ranking event when he came back as a regular. It’s a bit surprising, but is he the sort to pray? 

A28: He received the good luck bracelet from an elementary school student from the neighborhood. Inui’s the sort who doesn’t really believe in religious prayers, but for some reason or another he couldn’t take it off… that is the warm and fuzzy story from that time. 

Q29: What’s the reason that Yuuji came to like Koharu?

A29: During the time of the “girl’s party that’s one in body and mind,”1 when they were riding home together on a bike, Koharu was in front peddling. He swerved when he thought he was going to run over a ladybug, and they fell off the bike. As they were lying down on the ground, they started laughing… I think that was the beginning.

Q30: What does Mizuki think of his home in Yamagata? 

A30: He’s a grandpa’s boy, so when he goes home his dialect comes out, and he becomes a simple, obedient, good boy. But when he goes back to Tokyo, everything goes back to normal, lol. 

Q31: What did Ootori-kun think when he saw Shishido-san be scolded by his mother? 

A31: “It’s unfortunate, but it was Shishido-san’s own fault that he was scolded by his mother…” 

Q32: What’s the reason why Kai-kun does his uniform up properly? 

A32: So that you can easily see the necklace that his beloved father gave to him. 

Q33: Is Momoshiro’s “Peace and Love Faction”2 properly practicing tennis? 

A33: They’re entertained by Momoshiro’s narrative, but the truth is that they’re properly practicing the fundamentals!

Q34: I feel like Hirakoba-kun’s dialect is a lot stronger than the others, is that because he lives with his grandmother? 

Q35: That’s right. He loves the strawberry shaved ice his grandmother makes, and through spending time with her his dialect became quite thick.

Q35: Is Akutsu still carrying the charm that Dan-kun gave him? 

A35: Of course, even now he doesn’t go anywhere without it. 

Q36: Is Shinji-kun grumbly over social media? 

A36: No, he’s not. He plays the role of someone bubbly, lol. 

Q37: Why isn’t Kamio Akira part of the track and field club? 

A37: Because he wants to have fun with the strategy side of the game. 

Q38: If Kin-chan were to hang out with Ryoma, where would he want to go? 

A38: “Sudate Asobi.”3 He heard from Rokkaku’s Kentarou that in Chiba, you can play a game where you grab fish from the ocean, and he really wants to go.

Q39: What is the relationship like between Taki and Shishido? 

A39: Since he understands that Hyoutei has a specific system, Taki holds no grudges toward Shishido! 

Q40: Tachibana-san’s hobby is cooking, but what kind of cooking is he good at? 

A40: “The Otoko-meshi.”4 But his specialty is also French and Italian. 

Q41: I’d like to know why Ochi-senpai wanted to put blue highlights into his hair! 

A42: He had a white cat with blue highlights, and he decided to match for his middle school entrance ceremony. 

Q42: Taka-san is going to quit tennis in order to focus on the family business – what does his father think of it? 

A42: His father feels apologetic, but Taka-san just tells him, “It’s nothing to worry about. I want to concentrate on my learning here.” 

Q43: In the Echizen household, who is Karupin most attached to? 

A43: Ryoma is his number one! 

Q44: Lately, what is the thing that Peter’s curious about the representatives team?

A44: He’s thinking, “Our coach, is he resembling an anime character…?”

Q45: How often does Yuuta-kun go home to see family? 

A45: Weekly. But evidence from his older sister and brother suggest that sometimes he goes home twice a week, lol. 

Q46: “I’ve never thought about it,” is what Tokugawa said about his favorite type. If he were to really think about it, what would he decide? 

A46: I think he’d say, “What a pain,” and want to go home, lol. 

Q47: What does Ryoga think about Nanjirou? 

A47: He’s someone he admires, and thinks of him as a wall to surpass.

Q48: Since they’re twins, do the Kisarazu brothers ever play pranks?

A48: At Rokkaku, they used to play the Which One is Atsushi? game. Everyone was always fooled except for Ouji, who always knew the truth.

Q49: I wonder if the first time Chinen-kun went to Tokyo, he was like a child in high spirits?

A49: It didn’t look like it from the outside, but very much so in his heart! 

Q50: If everything about Irie is a lie, does that mean that his glasses and curly hair are also lies? 

A50: It’s just that he takes his lies a bit too far. So no, those things are not lies, lol. 

Q51: What’s the state of Jackal’s father’s ramen shop? 

A51: Relatives and Bunta’s family goes anytime there’s an event, so it’s thriving. And, ever since Bunta’s plan of adding a sweets menu, customers have doubled! 

Q52: Mouri has a habit of skipping. When he was at Shitenhouji, did he participate in things?

A52: Since it’s the sort of place where you go if you want to be there, he did. But, he would often skip out with HaraTetsu, and they’d go eat 551 pork buns.

Q53: When they formed two person groups at the training camp, why didn’t Minami and Higashikata pair up? 

A53: They’re so plain they weren’t able to find one another, lol. 

Q54: How often does Toono-senpai go to the salon given his very distinct hairstyle? 

A54: He goes every other day. 

Q55: Konomi-sensei, what did you think when you saw that Kichijouji Rei ranked 55th? 

A55: “I bet it’s because he has a cool name,” lol. 

Q56: Can only Shiraishi hear Kaburiel’s voice? 

A56: Kaburiel’s voice is something that Shiraishi’s imagination made up.

Q57: What’s the meaning behind Tanegashima’s “Chai☆?” 

A57: When he was little, he missaid “ciao,” and ever since then it’s become his favorite thing to say. 

Q58: Out of the training camp members and the high schoolers, who is the one who laughs at Dabide’s puns? 

A58: Krauser explodes with laughter every time!

Q59: Why did Koharu and Yuuji come together as doubles partners? 

A59: They were appointed by Osamu to become the “girl’s party that’s one in body and mind.”

Q60: In the time when they couldn’t play in the ocean during the mountain training camp, how did Bane-san and everyone play?

Q60: They jumped into waterfalls, had barbeques, they glamped… it’s like they were specifically making a camp outside of the training camp.

Q61: If Kabaji’s ability to copy was to be evolved, would that mean it would go in the direction of Muga no Kyouchi or Illusion? 

A61: It’s possible, yes. If Kabaji were to enter the Japanese representatives, I think it would be an interesting development. 

Q62: When Akazawa became captain and Mizuki did not, was it decided without incident?

A62: Yes. The captaincy was decided without a hitch. Mizuki likes to orchestrate and control from behind, so he’s the type who prefers to leave it to someone else to be up front.

Q63: Did Duke also attend Makinofuji with “Boss?”5

A63: He transferred to Makinofuji. It’s likely because of this that Makinofuji got even stronger.

Q64: Does Osamu-chan have a girlfriend right now? 

A64: “I have plenty!” – words from the man himself, or so it seems. 

Q65: What kind of person is Tsuta Akane? 

A65: He’s someone who’s often mistaken for a girl, so he’s putting forth great effort to become a manly wild child. But the truth is that he’s a very kind soul. 

Q66: What does Tomo-chan think about the other players besides from Ryoma? 

A66: She has a one-tracked Ryoma mind! 

Q67: Does Krauser also make a lot of jokes since he’s finds Dabide’s puns so funny? 

A67: He’s currently learning underneath Master Dabide! 

Q68: What does Ryou-kun think about how Atsushi was sent to St. Rudolph by mistake instead of him?

A68: “Kusukusu.6 It’s amusing.” 

Q69: It seems like Yanagisawa’s family also says “da ne.”7 Is it a dialect? 

A69: It’s not. He’s been saying it since he was born. 

Q70: What does An-chan think about both Kamio-kun and Momoshiro-kun? 

A70: Kamio is a brotherly-like friend she feels at ease with. Momoshiro is someone she kind of admires.

Q71: I’d like to know what Kimi-sama’s schedule is from here.

A71: There’s a rumor going around that he’s been offered a role in an ongoing morning drama! 

Q72: Does Akutsu-kun hang out with Dan outside of the tennis club?

A72: Yes. It has been one-sided in that Dan has been the one to seek out Akutsu, but Akutsu has slowly become accustomed to having Dan by his side, so when he isn’t there he goes looking for him…

Q73: Since Ludovic is a prince, does he have a betrothed?

A73: Right now, no. He’s searching for one.

Q74: What kind of person is Byoudouin’s younger sister?

A74: She’s the Madonna of Makinofuji Gakuin. Kadowaki, who’s in her same year, is deeply in love with her, and he’s even been to the Byoudouin residence for her birthday party. 

Q75: Do Oni-san, Irie, and Tokugawa spend time together on their days off? 

A75: The summer before they went to the training camp, the three of them went camping together. Oni caught them fish, and they shared their thoughts about the upcoming world cup around the campfire. 

Q76: Why is it that Ishida Tetsu and Gin are living separately in Tokyo and Osaka respectively? 

A76: Gin-san developed asthma due to the horribleness of the air, so he moved to a place that had cleaner air. That was probably when he was able to tie breathing control into his hadoukyuu…?

Q77: Michiru came to Australia to cheer everyone on. How has he been spending his days? 

A77:  He was a bit too excitable, he caught a cold while he was sleeping, and he’s had diarrhea, lol.

Q78: Higashikata is quite muscular, so what do you think of him being more flashy as a power player? 

A78: If he was able to bulk up, I think he’d probably be able to do just that! 

Q79: Aragaki seems like the quiet sort, how would he handle leading the tennis club?

A79: He’d show empathy and bring the club together by being kind. Doing things like making cookies for everyone…

Q80: What are the details behind Koishikawa-kun becoming vice captain? 

A80: By lottery, lol. 

Q81: What kind of sprout is living on Nitobe’s head? 

A81: It’s a sprout from a morning water glory! 

Q82: Outside of Akuto-meshi8, what else is Akuto able to cook? 

A82: When Akuto makes it, all of it is Akuto-meshi. Right now he’s making an effort to learn how to make curry rice.

Q83: Does Tanishi ever eat vegetables on a regular basis?

A83: No, he doesn’t really eat them. 

Q84: Are the swirls on Kita’s cheeks drawn on?

A84: When he was young, he watched the anime Ninja Hattori-kun. He fell in love with the anime and started drawing them. 

Q85: How long as Usainu been popular for?

A85: Since the second movie showing!

Q86: Is Muromachi’s playstyle flashy? Plain? 

A86: He has a super flashy playstyle! 

Q87: For what reason did Oomagari learn to wield racquets with two hands? 

A87:  He decided to give it a whirl when he watched a local grandmother be able to strike a futon with two brooms at the same time.

Q88: Point blank, did Yamato-san become popular after his image change? 

A88: He’s full of popularity. 

Q89: How does Coach Sakaki spend his days off? 

A89: He goes to the opera, listens to classical music, and reads books in front of the hearth. 

Q90: Did Kikumaru buy Daigorou the bear for himself? 

A90: His parents bought it for him. Kikumaru hated salmon, so they wanted to give him something that would eat it in his place. 

Q91: Has Icchan experienced any issues with the sound that his nose makes? 

A91: It’s been more convenient than not. Like during a competition when you have to find the candy9, he blew away the flour and was able to find it in a second, lol.

Q92: Did Akamesshu-senpai look up to Ochi-senpai with his blue streaks and that’s why he put red streaks into his own hair? 

A92: Of course he did. But at that time there were a lot of people who looked up to Ochi-senpai because Ochi’s charisma was off the charts. 

Q93: Please tell me the story behind King of Satan arriving at Atobe’s house! 

A93: Michael searched high and low in Europe for the strongest kabuto beetle, and Atobe started raising it because he thought that it would make Michael happy. 

Q94: In Shinteni’s 10.5, it says that Kaji’s speed is a 7. Just how fast is that? 

A94: He’s the fastest of all the Japanese representatives! 

Q95: With such a tall height (216cm), Coach Saitou must hit his head more often than not. Even though he trains mental fortitude, is he himself a bit of an airhead?

A95: He is an airhead. He can’t control his tall height, lol.

Q96: What kind of family lineage does Atobe’s school friend Eric Paddington have?

A96: He’s of an ancient, significant family.

Q97: Please tell us about the ring that Camus gave to his wife, the racquet!

A97: The truth is, when it’s put together with the ring that Camus wears, it makes a heart.

Q98: It mentions in 23.5 that Shudou participated in Yukimura Game. Did he win and advance to the next round? 

A98: In the second round, he gehyabu’ed.10

Q99: Besides Oni, is there a high schooler who also thinks Kaede-chan is cute?

A99: I think that Oomagari does, yeah.

Q100: Has Arai been able to become friends with Horio and the other kouhai?

A100: He became stoic and his true strength has improved, but because he has a bad personality the first years don’t like him, lol. 

A sudden surprise!!
A bonus 20 questions
Middle school edition

Q101: If you were to pick between Kaidou’s “Stoic Faction,” Momoshiro’s “Peace and Love Faction,” or Katsuo’s “Third Force,” who would it be? 

A101: Katsuo’s “Third Force.” Ichiban dashi made with katsuobushi is really tasty, isn’t it, lol.11

Q102: How strong is Sakuno-chan on the Seigaku’s girl’s tennis team? 

A102: If I ever had the opportunity, I’d like to draw “Tennis no Ohime-sama!” 

Q103: Why did you choose Sakurai Masaya to be the next captain?

A103: Because he has the capability to lead his teammates who are quick to complain and quarrel amongst themselves.

Q104: Do you think that Fudoumine will get a lot of new members?

A104: Since they got in to the top 8 of the nation, they get a lot of new team members, and it becomes the most popular club at school! 

Q105: Who is the next captain of St. Rudolph?

A105: I choose Yuuta for captain due to his strong abilities in tennis. Kaneda is supporting him as vice captain, but when Yuuta’s worrying about things, he’ll yell, “You’re only just a little brother!” and it makes Yuuta mad, lol.

A106: Is there someone who will take over Mizuki’s scenarios amongst St. Rudolph’s underclassmen?

A106: There isn’t, lol. But, since Mizuki-kun retired, like a sister-in-law he’ll pop in from time to time, and scold them.  

Q107: Who is the next captain of Yamabuki…?

A107: Muromachi Touji!

Q108: When Banji saw Akutsu play in the Swiss matches, was he moved?

A108: Seeing that Akutsu was able to overcome his own limits and have fun playing, Banji wasn’t able to stop crying.

Q109: There wasn’t a vice captain during Atobe’s time – how about Hiyoshi?

A109: Ootori became vice captain, and also Kabaji-kun continued to manage all of the club’s data and such.

Q110: Since those who admired Ochi-san put highlights in their hair, did something come popular due to admiring Atobe?

A110: Charm points, lol.

Q111: Is Rokkaku in the inland of Chiba? Or on the perimeter?

A111: It’s on the Kujuukuri coast.

Q112: In addition to “Thank you Triangle,” are there other “~kaku”s12 in the series?

A112: “Lonely square,” “be careful Rokkaku,” there are a variety of them.

Q113: Regarding the new captain Tamagawa Yoshio, please tell us something other than just his lobs!

A113: He has a girlfriend who’s part of the rhythmic gymnastics club. On occasion she’ll come watch the tennis club practice, and every time she does, Akaya seems like he’s going to go into Devil Mode, lol. 

Q114: Yukimura Game seemed to spread in Germany. Is it also a part of Rikkai’s training menu?

A114: As practice, no, but when the kouhai want to come near to Yukimura’s strength, there is a sudden increase of them wearing their jerseys on their shoulders.

Q115: I’m wondering if during Aragaki’s time, will he continue the strict style of incorporating Okinawa martial arts into tennis?

A115: Yes. He’s going to foster the Higa style into the practice, and work on special training aiming toward next year’s Nationals.

Q116: What is the atmosphere like between Higa and Rokkaku these days…?

A116: Since they were told by Ojii, “it’s gonna be bad if you’re not friends,” they’ll eventually become closer.

Q117: Did Shiraishi properly follow everything that was on Osamu’s list of jobs for the captain? 

A117: Of course he did. Since Zaizen became captain, things that are not necessary for practice like a shoulder massage consultant, checking out the value of trading in gold, and stuff like that, have slowly been phased out, lol.

Q118: Shitenhouji has many left handed people including Shiraishi, Chitose, Zaizen, Yuuji, and Gin. Is there a particular reason why you made it like that? 

A118: Many of my acquaintances from the Kansai region are left handed, and so it was with that image in mind that I did! 

Q119: Within Midoriyama, who do you think is the most popular?

A119: It’s Tsuta Akane.

Q120: We’d like to know what you thought about the anime original characters from Jousei Shounan.

A120: They had a beautiful coach, Hanamura-sensei, and I had considered putting someone like that in the manga itself, but I have a recollection that the idea was shelved, lol.

Another surprise!!
A bonus 20 questions
High schoolers and foreign representatives edition!

Q121: Please tell us the hometowns of the members of Genius 10! 

A121: Oni → Okayama, Tanegashima → Kyoto, Tokugawa → Ehime, Oomagari → Gunma, Kimijima → Beverly Hills, Toono → Aomori 

Q122: Within the Genius 10 members, has there been some friendly competition or did they do things like newcomers matches?

A122: Everyone is a strong player, so there have definitely been times when they’ve come face to face at tournaments.

Q123: There are a lot of players with dangerous moves, does it make practice matches difficult?

A123: Oh, yeah, lol. When they play seriously, the tennis court gets wrecked full of holes, so maintenance of those courts at the training camp was brutal.

Q124: Are there people who go along with Irie’s acting?

A124: Tokugawa. However, since Tokugawa is so serious, he doesn’t even notice that it’s acting, lol. So, because of that, it makes Irie really happy, and he is polishing his skills.

Q125: Who is likely to hold their moped license? 

A125: Oomagari, I’d think. 

Q126: The high schools pulled off the, “New Spies Epic Battle.” Did the coaches not notice anything?

A126: Truthfully the coaches did, and through it they gathered data on the kids’ attitudes toward it.

Q127: Do the coaches follow Mifune who is someone who is practically unheard of?

A127: They can clearly see that he has the capability and nature of a coach, so they’re relying on him. But, they’re troubled by the fact that he’s encouraging alcohol to be brought to him every evening, lol.

Q128: Who’s most popular out of all the high schoolers? 

A128: Definitely Oni. All the kids love him! 

Q129: The Genius 10 members who went on their exhibition abroad – are they good at English? 

A129: Byoudouin in particular can speak 29 languages because he’s wandered all over the world. 

Q130: For once and for all, who is the high schooler to watch out for? 

A130: Please look forward to the course of Byoudouin and Tokugawa’s discourse! 

Q131: The Greek players have features that resemble that of statues – does it make it difficult to draw them?

A131: The one with particularly complex hairstyle is Hermes Kounellis. 

Q132: With their Mad Dog Dorgias, and that they have strong doubles, did you create Australia with the image of Yamabuki in mind? 

Q132: It probably is true that there’s a charm similar to Yamabuki in them, isn’t there? I’m thinking that because you have Dorgias who makes enemies with his team and tennis venues, and then the concept that through playing tennis, the team can come together as one. 

Q133: Does Coach Jin Onojiiha have a granddaughter who’s running around barefoot?

A133: Yes, lol.

Q134: What do the others think about Camus-sama’s love for tennis?

A134: The representatives from the country of love, France, think, “What a lovely relationship.”

Q135: I’d like to know the reason why Osval came to really be into Japanese things. 

A135: Because he saw the anime called Ninja Hattori-kun. 

Q136: Volk wears a neck warmer even in the Australian summer – isn’t it too hot? 

A136:  Even though it’s warm, he wears the neck warmer that he received from a fan, like he’s using their means of cheering him on to give him strength. The truth is that there’s a rumor that crammed within the neck warmer is lead to help train his neck.

Q137: Does Q.P. also make strange drinks and food? 

A137: He does make a variety of drinks and food, but it’s not that they taste weird. He’s good at cooking really yummy things in a short amount of time like 30 minutes. 

Q138: They’re all good boys on the team, but what was the atmosphere like prior to Ralph arriving? 

Q138: They were a team all over the place with various fighting spirits, but with Ralph’s unique captaincy, they were able to become the team they are now.

Q139: After Atobe came to Japan, did he continue to interact with Leon? 

A139: From the point that Atobe went to Japan, they didn’t, but after seeing one another at the tournament they have since gone out for dinner. Atobe even returned the jacket he borrowed from Leon, but returned it as haute couture.

Q140: What kind of country is Aramenoma? 

A140: It’s a mysterious place. It probably came from somewhere outside of earth, lol. 

Sensei, you’re good.
Did everyone have a good time?

Translator’s Notes

1 A common phrase that is used to describe Hitouji and Konjiki (for example, their tenimyu song) that is a representation of what Osamu told them – to never be apart.

2 Referring to the short story of Kaidou and Momoshiro as captain and vice captain respectively.

3 A form of fishing, done in Kisarazu City in Chiba.

4 ザ・男飯 (za otokomeshi, lit. “the” man’s meal) with an implication that this is the dish for real men. The saying has multiple uses, one of them being used in reference to a meal that wouldn’t be instagram worthy (e.g., it’s not pretty, but it’s delicious).

5 お頭 (okashira, lit. boss) is the nickname that Duke calls Byoudouin.

6 クスクス (kusukusu) is a chuckling sound that the Kisarazu twins use.

7 だーね (daa ne) is a pet phrase/way that Yanagisawa often ends his sentences. It’s often used to reference how he resembles a duck.

8 あくと飯 (akuto meshi, lit. Akuto’s meal) are the disgusting rice balls that Mitsuya made the losers eat in the competition of picking up girls in Golden Age 136.

9 An obstacle course game where you have to dig out a piece of candy from a pile of flour using only your mouth, effectively getting flour all over your face.

10 げひゃぶ (gehyabu) is a nonsense phrase frequently used by Shudou.

11 Sensei is making a bit of a pun. 一番出汁 (ichiban dashi, lit. first Japanese soup stock) is the purest form of dashi made with unused konbu and katsuobushi. His reason for picking Katsuo here is because he finds this particular type of dashi delicious and katsuo is “part” of the recipe.

12 Rokkaku uses phrases that utilize kaku (lit. angle) in their original Japanese. The three phrases that are used in this question are ありがと三角 (arigatou sankaku), さみしい四角 (samishii shikaku), and 気を付け六角 (ki wo tsuke rokkaku, lit. be careful hexagon).