Hi! I’m Whitney.

You may know me on Twitter as koishikute or Tumblr as shabondama. If you’ve been around the Prince of Tennis fandom for a while, I was also known as kashewmoo on LiveJournal or creampuff on DreamWidth.

I have been translating JP→EN since the mid-2000s. I have mostly translated material from Prince of Tennis, though I have also dabbled in non-fandom related translation, as well. I used to post my translations mostly on my creative LiveJournal (goldenink), though in recent years I’ve been posting on tumblr.

In an effort to consolidate my translations, I’ve set up this website. I’m converting all of my translations from LiveJournal and Tumblr to this website, and all new translations are posted here directly. As I flesh it out, more categories will be added, so I will streamline the header once more has been converted.

Please feel free to poke around! If you have any questions, comments, fact checks, accuracy comments, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below.

Thank you for visiting! ?

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