Tenipuri Party – Oshitari Kenya

Oshitari Kenya
16th Place, 16449 Votes, Shitenhouji Middle School Player

Middle School 3rd Year / March 17 (Pisces) / Blood Type B / 177cm→178cm / 63kg / Right-handed

Supporting the heavens with his naniwa-bushi! The speed star that can’t be stopped by anyone.

Special skill: Speed tennis
Play style: Counterpuncher
Family: Father, mother, younger brother, iguana (Hayabusa)
Father’s job: Doctor (general practitioner)
Hobbies: Window shopping, time efficient cooking
Favorite motto: No speed, no life
Favorite color: Red, white
Favorite food: Aojiru, meat tendon in oden, double skin milk1
Favorite book: “Speed☆English Words,” “Understanding World History in 10 Seconds”2
Favorite music: Rap
Favorite type: An innocent girl
Favorite date spot: Meet up at 6am, grab food from a gyuudon restaurant, go to an amusement park, and part ways at noon
Thing he wants most: A signature gag3
Thing(s) he’s bad at/with: A wait time, and being told, “you have a great personality”4
Elementary school: Doutonbori Dai-ni Elementary School
School committee: Broadcast committee member
Best subject: English, math 
Worst subject: World history
Most visited spot on campus: The broadcasting studio
Spends his allowance on: Bleaching his hair
Skills outside of tennis: Drums, picking out appropriate souvenirs for people
Routine during tournaments: Having short sprint competitions with Kamio and Richard
Favorite anniversary: January 1st
Where he wants to travel to: Guayaquil
A gift to his special person: “I’ll show you the first star of the night!”

It’s because of all of you that I could dash my way here!
I can’t… I’m just really happy.
I’m sooooo grateful that you’ve been cheering me on!!
Even so, Naniwa’s speed star has his sights on aiming higher and higher!
Given all of this, won’t you join me!

Q: Please show us one of your gags!
A: ‘Kay, then how about a tongue twister! Kuki Kiichi from Kakinoki Middle School, kyakikyo… I didn’t bite it!5

Q: Were you grumbled at by Ibu-kun?
A: Yeah, I got influenced by Chitose, and ended up calling Tachibana “Kippei”…

Q: The quiz tournament came to quite a climax with your quick button mashing.
A: Kamio and I went head to head and we got super fired up! But, if you don’t listen to the end of the question, you can’t really answer it…

Q: So you interpreted for Tanishi-kun and Hermes?
A: I could communicate and interpret into both English and Osaka-ben. How ‘bout that? Now that’s internationality! 

My brag-worthy iguana collection!
I collect plushies and figurines! Aren’t they adorable? This is where I keep them out on display!

The one whose fashion is flashy and stands out wins! Even with rolled sleeves, of course~

“There isn’t a single plain piece here. Is the thing that I’m lacking this kind of fashion sense?” – Minami

“His loudness even comes out in his clothing. I have been known to close my heart to it when we’re out and about together.” – Yuushi

“Something about how it’s a get up that’ll help reduce air resistance? The colors… well, it’s very Kenya!” – Koishikawa

0 Years Old:
March 17th – He was born

4 Years Old:
Tsuutenraku Group’s Mirai-chan was his first love in kindergarten

10 Years Old:
Goes on a family vacation to Saipan and constantly brags about it to Yuushi

12 Years Old:
March – Graduates from Doutonbori Dai-ni Elementary School 
April – Enters Shitenhouji Middle School
November – Performs in his band with Hitouji and the others during the Kinoshita Toukichirou Culture Festival

13 Years Old:
April – Moves into his second year of middle school
May – Has his picture taken by Zaizen mid-yawn, and chases him all around the school in retaliation
OctoberBurns his tongue during a speed eating contest at the Kounai-ichi Aho Budoukai

14 Years Old:
April – 
Moves into his third year of middle school
Makes a bet with Shiraishi for who has to clean the classroom, and wins in Kokontouzai Game6
August 19th – 
In the Quarterfinals of Nationals against Fudoumine, wins in Doubles 2
During the Semifinals against Seigaku, entrusts his spot to Chitose
Gives up in the middle of the yakiniku battle
OctoberBuys a game system from Mukou Electronics during time spent in Kyoto
November –
Participates in the U17 training camp
Is defeated in his singles match, participates in the training on top of the cliff
Gets nothing but praise from Jackal for the interesting erasers he handed out
As a member of the revolutionary army, is victorious against the Hara/Taira pair
December –
Goes to Australia by boat as part of the cheering squad for the U-17 World Cup
Takes souvenirs from Osaka and gives them out to the hotel employees
Receives a hand drawn picture of an iguana from Edgard

Translator’s Notes:
1 牛乳プリン (gyuunyuu purin, lit. milk pudding)
2 In the original text, the names of the books were written as though they were actual titles. However, when I did some searching online, I deduced that they are made up books. Either way, they’re basically drill books meant for students, and are a very commonly found textbook in Japan.
3 Basically, Kenya wants to be known for something funny.
4 So… this can mean anything from, “you’re a good person, but there’s not much more to you than that…” to “you’re a nice guy :)” to the implication that you’ve been friend-zoned. Sorry, Kenya. D:
5 This… is only funny if you speak Japanese. orz
6 Also known as the Yamanote-sen Game.

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