Tenipuri Party – Echizen Ryouga

Echizen Ryouga
47th Place, 2890 Votes, Former U-17 American Representative, High School Player

Unknown Age / December 23 (Capricorn) / O Blood Type / 180cm / 67kg / Right-handed

Special skill: Destruction
Play style: All Rounder
Family: Father, mother
Hobbies: Napping, looking for delicious oranges
Favorite motto: “Tennis needs no words” (Nanjirou’s saying)
Favorite color: Orange
Favorite food: Uncured ham and orange pinchos
Favorite book: A collection of astrophotography
Favorite type: Someone who can put themselves in someone else’s shoes and give things thought
Thing he wants most: Guess~
Thing(s) he’s bad at/with: Rain, anko, schedules
School committee: None
Best subject: Languages
Worst subject: Classroom learning
Skills outside of tennis: Breakdancing, making his way through life
Favorite anniversary: Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas
Where he wants to travel to: “Since it’s all about travelling the world… how ‘bout a carnival?”
A gift to his special person: “I’ll exceed your expectations~”

I accept your feelings.
What do you think about coming with me?
…Just kidding~ Hahaha!
We can do without the formalities, thanks!

A Day in the Life at Camp (Day Off)
10:00 – Gets out of bed, showers
11:00 – Does some light rallying with Ryouma
12:30 – Has lunch at a cafe (a hot dog and orange juice)
13:30 – Naps in a hammock
15:00 – Walks around the inside of the training camp building and pokes fun at Tokugawa and Ryouma
16:00 – Watches over the middle schoolers’ practice from the roof
17:30 – He calls somebody
18:00 – Dinner, joins Duke and Kawamura’s hand-rolled sushi party
19:00 – Watches Byoudouin transcribing a sutra
19:30 – ???
23:00 – Returns home, has a pleasant chat with the coaches at the bar
1:30 – Stealthily takes a picture of Ryouma’s sleeping face, and then heads to bed

“Huh~ So you also sleep in. I wanted to hit more with you, but when I realized that, you were gone.” – Ryouma

Q: So, you learned a thing from Akutagawa-kun.
A: He told me a good place to take a nap. Want me to show you where later?

Q: Did you speak to the American representatives?
A: Yeah, they’re all good-natured guys. And Ralph was all like, oranges are good and all, but you should have meat and vegetables. Who are you, my mother?

Q: Did you ever return the comb you borrowed from Duke-kun?
A: Oh~ I totally forgot. Oh well, I gave him an orange, I can just give it to him later.

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