So Sweet Valentine – Liliadent Krauser

Featured Characters

  • Liliadent Krauser
  • Kirihara Akaya
  • Echizen Ryoma

Note: Italics denotes original text written in English.

Story 1:

Kirihara: Y’know when you get chocolate? It would be really cool to be able to say thanks in English…
Krauser: “Thank you” is thank you in English.
Kirihara: I know that, but like… a proper way to say it?
Krauser: Well
Krauser: I’m so glad that you like it.
Kirihara: aimuyuu…? How did you say it?
Krauser: I’m so glad that you like it.
Kirihara: …………
Kirihara: That’s like way too complicated, never mind.
Krauser: Hmm…
Krauser: But… yeah…
Krauser: When you want to express your appreciation for something, I think it’s best to do it using your own words.

Story 2:

Krauser: There was a ton of chocolate at the store.
Echizen: Isn’t it because it’s around Valentine’s Day?
Krauser: And a lot of flowers~
Echizen: Oh, the store’s decorations… those are probably meant to be for gifts.
Krauser: The flower arrangements were very pretty.
Echizen: You really like flowers, don’t you, Krauser?
Krauser: Yes!
Krauser: I really enjoy how beautiful the streets become during Valentine’s Day.
Echizen: But it’s not just that, right?
Krauser: ……?
Echizen: You’ll probably get chocolate.
Krauser: If I do, I’ll be really happy.

Story 3:

Krauser: Happy Valentine’s Day.
Krauser: I heard that you get chocolate.
Krauser: …This is for me? Ohthank you!!

Story 4:

Krauser: Happy Valentine’s Day to me, huh
Krauser: I’m actually pretty happy.
Krauser: I’d like to give you something in return.
Krauser: I want to make someone just as happy as I am

Story 5:

Krauser: I’ve decided what I’d like to give in return since it’s White Day.
Krauser: This is for you
Krauser: I hope you like it.

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