Tenipuri Party – Ochi Tsukimitsu

Ochi Tsukimitsu
41st Place, 3670 Votes, U-17 Japanese Representative, High School Student

High School 3rd Year/August 15 (Leo)/Blood Type A/226cm/103kg/Right-handed

Special skill: Mach
Play style: Counter puncher
Family: Grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, pet cat
Father’s job: University professor
Hobbies: Playing Go, taking care of bonsai plants
Favorite motto: “Make steady and continual progress.”1
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Water, high quality soba
Favorite book: “Howling at the Moon”
Favorite type: A girl who isn’t bothered by silence
Thing(s) he’s bad at/with: Dogs run away from him, having a smile on his face
School committee: Student librarian
Best subject: Modern Japanese, English grammar
Worst subject: Biology
Skills outside of tennis: Going on long distance walks, wild animal tamer2
Favorite anniversary: February 22nd
Where he wants to travel to: Malta
A gift to his special person: To convey his gratitude in words

I don’t really care about my ranking, but… I’ll say my thanks.
It seems like there will be a full moon this evening…
I don’t have anything particularly clever to say, so let’s gaze up at the moon and walk together.

A Day in the Life at Training Camp (Off Days)
5:30 – Gets out of bed, breakfast (has some soup)
6:00 – Goes for a morning walk, finds an unusual bird
7:30 – Plays a game of Go with Yanagi
9:00 – Meeting with the first stringers (several people are missing)
11:30 – Lunch (he was curious about tororo soba, and has it with Oomagari)
13:00 – Helps the middle schoolers with practicing serves
14:30 – Reads in the library, at some point Mouri comes and falls asleep beside him
17:00 – Goes on an evening walk, picks up a hat and returns it to its rightful owner
18:00 – Dinner, has zero interest in getting wrapped up in the dispute of whether meat or fish is better
20:00 – Does some training on his own, bathes
22:30 – Looks out at the moon and focuses on improving his mental focus, concentrates on the sound of the saxophone playing in the distance
23:00 – Warms up his body, and goes to bed

“Even during Tsuki-san’s off time, he lives a very orderly life. It’s totally different from me who takes it easy and has definitely just rolled over and gone back to sleep.” (Mouri)

Q: So I heard that you were helping out Oomagari-kun.
A: Since you’re curious, it was nothing more than just picking up all of the finished dinner plates.

Q: What is it about the tsukimi soba that has you so interested?
A: …Only that when I look at the egg, I remember that it came from a creature.

Q: What’s something fun that you did in Australia?
A: At present, it’s playing beach volleyball with the middle schoolers Kurobane and Amane.

Translator’s Notes:

1 The original Japanese is 日に就り月に将む, quite literally/roughly translated as, “In each day, you’ll get to the moon.” I did some searching and found this website referencing the quote in Chinese, which is where I pulled the English from. Ultimately it means that day by day, bit by bit, you’ll make steady progress.

2 Yeaaaaah. That chapter of Shinteni. I lol’d.