Tenipuri Party – Mouri Jusaburou

Mouri Jusaburou
52nd Place, 2253 Votes, U-17 Japanese Representative, High School Student

High School 1st Year/January 3 (Capricorn)/Blood Type B/191.63cm/83.02kg/Right-handed

Special skill: REM1
Play style: All-rounder
Family: Father, older brother, older sister
Best subject: Sleep-learning
Hobbies: Stamp collecting2, botany (in particular his own vegetable garden)
Favorite food: Oyakodon, yasai tendon
Favorite type: Gentle girls
Thing(s) he’s bad at/with: Eating hot things3, hair dryers
Skills outside of tennis: Pro wrestling joint lock moves, dislocating joints, becoming good friends with anyone
A gift to his special person: “I’ll give a big ‘ahhh~’ for homemade yasai tendon!”

Ah~~ it’s so great that you were cheering me on.
From here on out, I’m in your hands! There’s a lot of really cool guys here, but… don’t you be looking away from me, ya got it?

Q: So about that whole break-out show thing – what kind of mechanism was that!?
A: I’m really sorry, but I have absolutely no idea either. Into the box… and sleep! That’s it.

Q: What were you talking about with Oishi-kun and Kikumaru-kun?
A: I was telling them that I really liked the Golden Pair naming thing. Should we come up with something, too? Tsuki-saaaaan!

I was a little worried about playing doubles with Tsuki-san at first. But, before I knew it we were in harmony, practices started getting more fun, and… it became natural to not just skip out of all of that.

Translator’s Notes:

1 I can’t find any reference of レム online other than REM, which is what I went with considering he likes to sleep so much (see Ochi’s profile). If I find anything new, I’ll update this note.

2 In Japanese it’s written as スタンプラリー (lit. stamp rally), where you can go around and collect stamps from train stations and places all over the country. Here’s some more information here, though note it’s in Japanese.

3 The text calls him ネコ舌 (lit. cat tongue), meaning that his tongue is sensitive like a cat’s, therefore he’s unable to eat things without waiting for them to cool off first.