Tenipuri Party – Kirihara Akaya

Kirihara Akaya
17th Place, 16066 Votes, U-17 Japanese Representative, Middle School Student, Rikkaidai Fuzoku Middle School Player

Middle School 2nd Year/September 25 (Libra)/Blood Type O/168cm170cm/61kg58kg/Right-handed

Boiling ambition to the point of brutality!!
A daring ace with a promising future!!

Special skill: Knuckle serve, speed play, Muga no Kyouchi, Devil Mode, Angel Mode, Short Snake
Play style: Aggressive baseliner
Family: Father, mother, older sister
Father’s job: Company employee (foreign capital group)
Hobbies: Playing games (specifically Splatoon)1
Favorite motto: 表があれば裏もある (lit. if there’s a visible face, there will also be an underside)2
Favorite color: Primary colors
Favorite food: Yakiniku (ribs), sushi (salmon roe)
Favorite book: Shounen Jump manga
Favorite music: Hip hop
Favorite type: “A girl who has fun being together!”
Favorite date spot: A VR experience establishment
Thing he wants most: A Pro Controller3
Thing(s) he’s bad at/with: Sanada-fukubuchou, liver (as in the food)
Elementary school: Kanagawa 2nd Elementary School
School committee: None
Best subject: Japanese, P.E.
Worst subject: English
Most visited spot on campus: Tennis courts
Spends his allowance on: Tokens at the arcade
Skills outside of tennis: Eating a hot bowl of ramen under 3 minutes, he’s unaffected by jet lag
Routine during tournaments: Playing games on his smartphone
Favorite anniversary: His birthday, Christmas
Where he wants to travel to: New York
A gift to his special person: “A ticket to see me play a match (and of course I’ll win!).”

To everyone who voted for me, thanks!
Iyaa~ you have great sense to choose the second year ace, Kirihara Akaya.
I’m gonna be Rikkai’s number one next year, and of course I’ll absolutely be number one in the popularity rankings, so I’m counting on you to keep rooting for me!!

Q: So, you lost the Yukimura Game in the first match.
A: Shit! I’ll bring it the very next time!! (Devil mode)

Q: “Are you looking to leave?” Tokugawa-kun said when he got a bit upset with you.
A: I was gonna approach Pro Volk, and then it was just… brrrr!

Q: You were talking to Mouri-san, huh?
A: I was thinking that he might know how to defeat those three… ah, I’ll also beat Mouri-san!

Q: You were a bit frightened of what Bismark was saying, what did he say to you?
A: He said that if I didn’t order in English to the chef, I’d get cooked…! M-medium rare…

“I have a lot of primary colored things in my wardrobe. I like colors that stand out!”

“Some time ago, he wore his older sister’s boyfriend’s hoodie without meaning to, and it was like living through hell and back…” (Jackal)

The first thing you notice when you meet Akaya for the first time is regardless of whether he’s in street clothes or his school uniform, the buttons are never done up.” (Yanagi)

“Kamio said that the last pair of red sneakers were taken from him, but… just a while ago that Seigaku first year was wearing them.” (Ibu)

It’s a pot I got from Sanada-fukubuchou…
“It’s a fine object!” he said as he pushed it on to me. It’d be really bad if he knew that I was handling it like this, so keep it secret!!

0 Years Old
September 25th – he was born
5 Years Old
Had bloodshot eyes when he was horseback riding and kept falling off over and over again
12 Years Old
March – Graduated from Kanagawa 2nd Elementary School
April – Entered Rikkaidai Fuzoku Middle School, played matches with Yukimura, Sanada, and Yanagi, and was defeated by all
August (end of the month) – didn’t finish his homework, and was disciplined by Sanada and Yanagi
13 Years Old
December – he starts giving Yukimura stickers when he gets sick
April – Enters 2nd year in middle school
June – Yukimura’s collection of stickers grows, and he’s asked a favor
July 24th – Defeated by Echizen at the Kanagawa Tennis Club
July 27th – Defeated in S2 during the Kantou Tournament Finals against Seigaku
August 23rd – Wins D2 during the Nationals Tournament against Seigaku, eats too much at the yakiniku tournament, and is toppled
14 Years Old
September During the school trip to Hokkaido, strays away from his companions, and winds up at Tsubakigawa
November –
Participates in the U17 training camp
Wins his singles match against Yanagi when Yanagi withdraws
Begins practicing how to wink after watching Kikumaru do it
Wins the team shuffle match against the Matsudaira-Miyako pair
Borrows “WakuSaba” game from Takei4
Succeeds in the picking up girls game in devil mode
U-17 Pre-World Cup, wins his match in D1 against Greece during Group League, the first stage of the U-17 World Cup

Translator’s Notes:

1 It literally says, “that ink one.”

2 This is derived from the full phrase, 不合理には、表があれば裏もある。そして、その裏面は、実はけっこうありがたいものなのだ。A literal translation is, “Irrationality is having both a visible face and an underside. The reverse of that is what should honestly be appreciated.” This is likely in reference to the fact that Kirihara himself has two differing sides between devil/angel mode.

3 While it doesn’t specifically state a Pro Controller, he says that he wants a new controller to be used with Splatoon (or, as my first point above, “that ink game.” There was a Splatoon-themed Pro Controller released for the Switch alongside the game.

4 Likely a reference to the Tenipuri dating sim Dokidoki Survival, commonly shortened to DokiSaba.