Tenipuri Party – Liliadent Krauser

Liliadent Krauser
67th Place, 1166 Votes, Nagoya Seitoku Middle School Player

Middle School 1st Year/February 7 (Aquarius)/Blood Type AB/186cm187cm/73kg74kg/Right-handed

Special skill: Southern Cross (commonly known as Dismissal by Crucifixion)
Play style: All-rounder
Family: Father, mother, older brother
Hobbies: Flower arrangement, watching Oogiri shows
Favorite food: Seaweed and fusuma miso soup1, Shiro-Noir
Favorite book: “There’s one hundred of them! An encyclopedia of Puns”2
Favorite type: An exotic woman
Routine during tournaments: Skypes with his family, works on his picture diary3
Where he wants to travel to: New Zealand
A gift to his special person: An arrangement of preserved flowers he made himself

Thanks to everyone!
So many things have happened since I came to Japan, but I love everyone from this country!

Q: Oh? You’ve left behind some kusaya
A: A while ago Kirihara…-san waited for me with this really big grin, and… I can’t handle it…4

Q: What did you have fun doing at the party?
A: I was able to hear so many of my mentor’s puns! Just remembering it makes me hahahaha!

“David and all the exchange students at Nagoya Seitoku have returned home, but they also said that Japanese food was delicious. I hope one day we can all go out and eat miso-katsu together.”

Translator’s Notes:

1 A type of miso soup that uses seaweed and wheat bran. I linked to a recipe so you can see what it looks like.
2 I tried to see if this was a real book, but alas, I can’t find it.
3 One of those journals where you draw a picture to describe the day, commonly done in elementary school when children are learning how to write. It’s likely he does this as a means to practice Japanese.
4 This is a bit of a double entendre because Krauser doesn’t like kusaya and has said in the past that he’s “not good with” Kirihara. He’s basically being called out for being distracted by Kirihara, but also that he’s, y’know, not eating the thing he hates, lol.