Tenipuri Party – Tanegashima Shuuji

Tanegashima Shuuji
57th Place, 1713 Votes, U-17 Japanese Representative, High School Student

High School 3rd Year/May 29 (Gemini)/Blood Type A/184cm/71kg/Right-handed

Special skill: Imetsu Mu
Play style: All-rounder
Family: Grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, younger sister, younger brother, cockatiel
Hobbies: Gun shooting, cruising, “Werewolf Game”
Favorite motto: “All things come from nothingness.”
Best subject: Psychology
Favorite food: Pig’s feet, Gim (lit. Korean seaweed)
Favorite type: A girl who will have fun with him at Disneyland
Thing(s) he’s bad at/with: Airplanes, when he’s not the center of attention
Skills outside of tennis: Swimming, charades, matchmaking
Where he wants to travel to: Visit the Mediterranean Sea on a luxurious cruise ship
A gift to his special person: I’ll pick out clothing and a bag that’ll suit them☆

I’ve got’cha votes☆
It makes me really happy that you were thinking about me~
How about I show you some more great things~? Chai☆

Q: What part of taiyaki do you start eating from? 
A: From the stomach☆When I told Ryuuji that, he had a bit of a sensitive reaction… I wonder why? 

Q: You had quite an enthusiastic conversation with Oshitari (Yuushi)-kun.
A: Even though he has a closed heart, imetsu mu could1… is what I was thinking, but he really was just a normal guy☆

“So I discovered the magazine that senpai modeled for. You should make good use out of sweet talking. If I remember correctly, you did say something like, ‘Move away from there. The tennis court known as the battlefield is calling for me.’ (Hirakoba)

Translator’s Notes:

1 The implication here being that he could see straight through Oshitari’s closed heart with imetsu mu.