Perfect Fanbook 23.5 – Minami Kentarou

Minami Kentarou

Yamabuki Middle School, 3rd Year

  • Birthday: 7/3
  • Astrology sign: Cancer
  • Blood type: A
  • Height: 178cm (5’10”)
  • Weight: 66kg (146lbs)
  • Favorite motto: “Cherry blossoms are the best amongst flowers like samurai are the best amongst men.”
  • Favorite color: Earthy tones
  • Mosted wanted thing right now: A map of the surrounding areas of the venue
  • Skills beyond tennis: Hide and seek, using a Japanese abacus (level 1)

Higashikata’s Edition! Tenipedia

“I heard that Atobe gave him some sort of fancy, high-class pen at the training camp. But, it’s so showy that even now he’s never used it. To us ‘Jimi’s,’ this is probably just a little beyond our reach, huh… I get it.”

Note: I translated and posted this on May 6th, 2018. The original posting may be found here.

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