Minami Kentarou & Higashikata Masami, “Ore-tachi Jimi’s”

oretachi jimi’s
Ore-tachi Jimi’s

Higashikata: …It’s dark, huh.
Oishi: I can’t see them…
Jimi’s: We’re here!

俺たち ジミース 派手じゃないが
要所要所で 見せ場を作る
実力はの名 欲しいままさ
そう 俺たち ジミース

oretachi jimiizu hade ja nai ga
youshoyousho de miseba wo tsukuru
jitsuryoku ha no na hoshii mama sa
ibushi gin no miryoku tte wakaru kai
sou oretachi jimiizu

We are the Jimi’s~ We aren’t flashy, but,
We make the highlight scene at every important point.
Our ability’s name is as we like,
And, we understand our silvery, smoky charm.
That’s right… we’re the Jimi’s.

培ってきた テクニック
蜂の人刺し 針の穴でも 致命傷なんだぜ
俺たち ジミース 目立たないが
押さえるとこは 押さえてみせる

tsuchikatte kita tekunikku
hikerakasu koto wa nai keredo
kakujitsu ni
aite no
jakuten wo tsuku
hachi no hito sashi hari no ana de mo chimeishou nan da ze
oretachi jimiizu medatanai ga
osaeru toko wa osaetemiseru

We don’t show off our cultivated technique, but,
Certainly, we strike the weakness of our opponent.
Like a human bee, we strike – even like the eye of a needle,
And cause a fatal wound.
We are the Jimi’s! We don’t stand out, but,
Our endless restrain is something we can pin down.

Muromachi: Buchou, buchou, go to the front!
Minami: Ah, yes!

玄人はだし プロ顔負け
そう 俺たち ジミース
そう 俺たち ジミース
そう 俺たち ジミース

kurouto hadashi puro kaomake
ibushi kin no miryoku tte wakaru kai
sou oretachi jimiizu
sou oretachi jimiizu
sou oretachi jimiizu

Professionals are embarrassed of our ability that shames them.
But, we understand our silvery smoky charm.
That’s right… we are the Jimi’s.
That’s right… we are the Jimi’s.
That’s right! We’re the… Jimi’s!

Jimi’s: Hey!
Eiji: Nice to meetcha!

Note: I translated and posted this on December 23rd, 2006. The original posting may be found here.

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