Perfect Fanbook 23.5 – Konjiki Koharu

Konjiki Koharu

Shitenhouji Middle School, 3rd Year


  • Birthday: 11/9
  • Astrology sign: Scorpio
  • Blood type: B
  • Height: 170cm (5’7”)
  • Weight: 59kg (130lbs)
  • Hobbies: Coming up with new gags, studying how to do makeup with Chikahiko-senpai1
  • Favorite books: Recently it’s been books related to psychology
  • Things he’s bad at/with: Men who sexually harass someone
  • His routine during tournaments: Checking out all the cute boys ❤︎

Hitouji’s Edition! Tenipedia

“The independent research project Koharu did this summer won him the Best Paper award at school! His topic was, ‘Love: Once and For All’ – isn’t that adorable! He was even interviewed about it and it was so tough on him, but that’s my Koharu~!”

Note: I translated and posted this on May 15th, 2018. The original posting may be found here.

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