Perfect Fanbook 23.5 – Kirihara Akaya

Kirihara Akaya

He is the only second year chosen as a Japanese representative. It’s his genuine desire to be stronger that sets him apart from the others and it shows in how he displays exponential growth. He’ll use any possible means to win and doesn’t consider the effect it will have on his body.

“I’m going to higher places… just watch me!!”


U-17 World Cup Japanese representative, Rikkai University Middle School, 2nd Year

  • Birthday: 9/25
  • Astrology sign: Libra
  • Blood type: O
  • Hobbies: Playing games (specifically Splatoon)
  • Family: Father, mother, older sister
  • Favorite motto: 表もあれば裏もある (lit. if there’s a visible face, there will also be an underside)1
  • Favorite color: Primary colors
  • Favorite foods: Yakiniku (ribs), sushi (salmon roe)
  • Favorite books: Jump manga
  • Preferred type of person: A fun girl to be around
  • Preferred date spot: He wants to go to a place where they can have a VR ~experience~
  • Mosted wanted thing right now: A Pro Controller2
  • Things he’s bad at/with: Sanada-fukubuchou, liver (as in the meat)
  • Skills beyond tennis: He can eat a piping hot bowl of ramen in 3 minutes, he’s unaffected by jet lag
  • His routines during tournaments: Playing games on his smartphone


  • Height: 170cm (5’7”)
  • Weight: 58kg (128lbs)
  • Handedness: Right-handed
  • Signature move: Knuckle serve, speed play, Muga no Kyouchi, Devil Mode, Angel Mode, Short Snake
  • Play style: Aggressive baseliner
  • Racquet: Wilson Pro Staff 5.5 Stretch
  • Shoes: Wilson DT (Dynosphere technology)

Passionate and ambitious, he’s full of impulse and gets carried away easily.

He can’t hold back his emotions and often acts purely on his instinct. During matches he comes across as cruel, but he’s actually typically humorous and quite lovable.

The one who brims with the ferocious desire for self-improvement!! He’s the fearless ace with a bright future!!

Personal Belongings Check by Liliadent Krauser: Travel Bag Edition

‘Speak English in 30 Minutes’ – a book for how to quickly master conversations in English

“I think he bought it at the airport. He read through it once on the plane, but now it looks like he’s abandoned it on top of his bed.”

Niou’s Edition! Tenipedia

“Every day in the dying light of the night, he’s on the phone with someone… He was talking about improving his physical strength, so it was prolly with someone from the team. Despite the fact that he’s with nothing but strong people here, as he’s younger he’s probably seen as a bit of a bother.”

Messages to Kirihara!

From Kaidou: I recognize that you were chosen to be a representative because of your abilities, but if you lose focus for even a second, I’m gonna snatch that spot right out from under you. You better be prepared.

From Osval: You’re Oshishou-sama’s3 apprentice!! I guess I’m like your senior apprentice… so that makes us brothers!! Let’s be BFF!

Kimijima: You’re certainly brave to want to team up with our commanding pair. If you keep quiet during the changeover, I just might start negotiations.

Apollon: ‘Harakiri’4… when you think about it, even just the word seems dangerous. Ever since then my little brother has been suffering from sleep deprivation…


1 This is derived from the full phrase, 不合理には、表があれば裏もある。そして、その裏面は、実はけっこうありがたいものなのだ。A literal translation is, “Irrationality is having both a visible face and an underside. The reverse of that is what should honestly be appreciated.” This is likely in reference to the fact that Kirihara can appear as two differing sides of a coin in his expression of himself.

2 While it doesn’t specifically state a Pro Controller, he says that he wants a new controller to be used with Splatoon. There was a Splatoon-themed Pro Controller released for the Switch alongside the game.

3 Oshishou-sama is what Osval calls Sanada – the word 師匠 means ‘master,’ and he’s calling him that super politely (in katakana, mind).

4 This is the final execution method that Toono used in the doubles match with Kirihara, but it also means ritual suicide.

Note: I translated and posted this on May 6th, 2018. The original posting may be found here.

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