40.5 – Yanagi Renji

Yanagi Renji
“Do you think this Yanagi Renji even takes down data peacefully?”

Rikkaidai Fuzoku Middle School: Year 3, Class F, Number 19
Birthday (Sign): June 4th (Gemini)
Blood type: A
Techniques: Data Tennis, Kamaitachi, Utsusemi

Committee: Student council secretary
Worst Subject: None
Often visited place in school: Library
Elementary School: Midorigawa Dai-ichi Elementary School > Kanagawa Dai-ni Elementary School
Uses allowance on: Books
Favorite Motto: “One thousand days’ training to forge, ten thousand days’ training to temper.”
Favorite types of movies: Ozu Yasujirou films
Favorite type of books: Pure literature (especially Natsume Souseki’s work)
Favorite type of music: Old Japanese court music
Favorite date spot: Literature house
Most wanted thing right now: Japanese literature outline
Daily Routine: Look over the morning and evening newspaper
Doesn’t like/bad at doing: People who waste money and time
Special skill aside from tennis: Mental math, haiku, Go, Japanese chess, tea ceremony

Note: I translated and posted this on December 5th, 2007. The original posting may be found here.

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