40.5 – Marui Bunta

Marui Bunta
“As long as I aim for the expected chance, it’s okay.”

Rikkaidai Fuzoku Middle School: Year 3, Class B, Number 16
Birthday (Sign): April 20th (Aries)
Blood type: B
Techniques: Tsunawatari (tightrope), Techuu Atte (aiming at the net pole)

Committee: N/A
Worst Subject: Science, Math
Often visited place in school: Home Economics classroom
Elementary School: Kanagawa Dai-san Elementary School
Uses allowance on: Mainly on candy
Favorite Motto: “Eat. Sleep. Play.”
Favorite types of movies: ”Pirates of the Caribbean”
Favorite type of books: Manga, fad novels (essentially the novels that everyone else is reading)
Favorite type of music: Orange Range
Favorite date spot: Amusement park
Most wanted thing right now: Cotton candy machine
Daily Routine: Playing with his brothers
Doesn’t like/bad at doing: Doesn’t like doing physical work
Special skill aside from tennis: Making cakes, bowling

Note: I translated and posted this on December 5th, 2007. The original posting may be found here.

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